Published January 20th, 2020

A new, retro look

RTI Media designed a new theme & graphics set for NMHSLive, North Medford High School's morning announcements show, broadcasted live to students every morning.

Our approach was to create unity between all of the visual components of the show, so that all of the graphics matched and fit together. We first created a show intro, and based the rest of the graphic components off of this initial into. Take a look:

We also used the same design and theme for the Guest Intro video and Outro:

Throughout the year, we also modified and improved the graphics to add more detail and style to them, and also to switch out the music used from time to time.

As further iterations were released, we tried to add more emphasis on the retro theming of the graphics, as well as add more visual activity to draw students in to the show as it began. These assets were updated frequently, so students and staff started to watch and see what the new version would be.

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